Wasp Aerial System

Wasp Wasp

The Wasp aerial system is designed for static surveillance and aerial photography applications. Being a VTOL system, take off and landing can be achieved in very small areas. It is also ideal for observing disaster management areas and search and rescue in areas of dense foliage.




The Wasp can be fitted with three EO cameras and one IR camera. Two of these will be side-mounted video recording systems, one EO will be forward-looking for flight and navigation control and the bay-mounted IR camera will be downward-looking for area surveillance. The bay-mounted system will then be the stabilised system.

With on-board recording capabilities, one does not have the risk of “losing” any reconnaissance information, even in the event of link interference or jamming. This allows for detailed information to be made available for full analysis after the mission and storage for long-term use.


  • Total length:1250mm
  • Height: 425mm
  • Main blade length:  620mm
  • Main rotor diameter:  1400mm
  • Tail rotor:  250mm
  • Flying weight: 3200g
  • Flight time: 15 minutes