Skunk Riot Control Copter

Skunk CAD design Skunk CAD design

The Skunk Riot Control Copter is designed to control unruly crowds without endangering the lives of the protestors or the security staff.

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The Skunk is equipped with 4 high-capacity paint ball barrels releasing at up to 20 paint balls per second each, with 80 Pepper balls per second stopping any crowd in its tracks.

The current hopper capacity of 4000 balls and with a High Pressure Carbon Fiber Air system it allows for real stopping power. Bright strobe lights, Bright Eye Safe Lasers and with on-board speakers enables communication and warnings to the crowd.

Equipped with a FLIR Thermal camera, full HD video colour camera, on board recording, full telemetry data link and long range control link, this unit is unique.

The powerful Octa copters can also be operated in formation by a single operator. The Desert Wolf Pangolin ground control station is used for system management. What makes the Pangolin unique is the operator and his team are also under full video and audio surveillance. Every move, every decision, every command is recorded.

The lifting capability of the Skunk is 45 Kg due to the eight powerful electric motors with 16 Inch props.

Skunk DW1

The operator has full control over each marker. He can select the RED paint marker and mark the protester who carries dangerous weapons, he can select the BLUE marker to mark the vandalising protestors and if needed the Pepper balls to stop the advancing crowd before they get into a "Life threatening situation" 

The Operator can also set the releasing frequency of each marker from as low as 1 ball per second up to 20 balls per second. If all markers releases at maximum rate, the you disperse 80 balls per second. This high frequency will only be used in an extreme "Life threatening situation".

The system also has a number of safety systems and features. Desert Wolf will continue to improve the design and ensure a safe and reliable product. Our aim is to assist in preventing another Marikana, we were there and it should never happen again.