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STAR TOWER 200-40 - the next generation aerostat system

The Star Tower Difference...

What distinguishes Star Tower from all other aerostats is its flight performance and ability to operate safely in extreme wind and weather conditions. The following graphic illustrates the mission performance benefits of the NSS Star Tower's gas envelope shape above all other competing aerostats offered on the world market (2,000ft. altitude example).

General Description:

  • Self-contained, highly transportable, wide-area communications and surveillance system that is easy and affordable to operate and maintain.
  • Innovative, high-performance, next-generation aerostat that delivers 70-kt wind operations, assuring mission availability even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Evolved, modular design that is tailored to each customer’s specific mission requirements to ensure best mission performance at the lowest price.
  • Star Tower is delivered as a turnkey system and comes equipped with support equipment, tools and spare parts.

Advanced System Features:

  • Consolidated winch control – a single operator can control the primary tether winch and the four handling winches from one device, thus reducing the workload.
  • Intelligent Winch - the winch automatically retracts the aerostat to counter downdrafts, greatly reducing the risk of breakaways, a problem which is commonly experienced by conventional aerostats.
  • Digital Dashboard – the operator display provides complete system situational awareness and control for all the aerostat operations.
  • The Star Tower is fully capable of operating in remote field conditions and can be set up and relocated in just a few hours.

Emergency Response Capabilities:

  • Wide-area, overhead surveillance and sensing (over 9 000 square miles of RF coverage).
  • Secure Wi-Fi network for critical communications with responders.
  • Real-time two-way data, VOIP, video relay with responders.
  • Ability to set up and commence operations in hours.
  • Wide-area secure and public multi-band communications relay.
  • On-site data collection, storage and dissemination.
  • Ability to monitor and disseminate up to 12 camera data streams.
  • Ability to relocate operations easily and quickly.

Contact Details:

Ron ‘Oly’ Oholendt
Executive VP for Business Development
Near Space Systems, Inc.
2375 Telstar Dr., Ste 115
Colorado Springs CO 80920
(o) 719.685.8108
(c) 719.201.8410
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