Desert Wolf designed and produced an ultra capable roaming surveillance system. By using the best 4x4 capability vehicles as the base for this application, Desert Wolf has been able to exceed customers' requirements.

Some customers might require reasonable 4x4 terrain capability but with a large comfortable command centre while others want improved 4x4 capability but only need a small tactical operation console. For the more demanding customer who requires extreme 4x4 capability, comprehensive surveillance payload and a complete command and control centre, Desert Wolf has the solution.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Systems

Desert Wolf has designed and produced "unmanned" ground vehicles (UGV) to enhance customers' surveillance capabilities. These UGV systems are used in "live remote tracking" and in "perching/wait"-type applications. These small but very capable systems can be fitted with a number of sensors.

Usually, the UGV will have a forward-looking Low Lux day camera which is used for real-time tracking navigation. It can also be fitted with a FLIR thermal camera for real-time tracking navigation in complete darkness. It also has full video and sound recording capability. As these systems are exceptionally quiet, the target does not know that he is being followed.

Using their special video and audio long-range link transmitters, which have a range of more than 3500 metres, these systems have contributed to hugely successful operations. With the super long-range telemetry system, these UGV's can be controlled from as far away as 10 kilometres, scouting the area and bringing back very valuable video and audio information.