Desert Wolf designed and produced an ultra capable roaming surveillance system. By using the best 4x4 capability vehicles as the base for this application, Desert Wolf has been able to exceed customers' requirements.

Some customers might require reasonable 4x4 terrain capability but with a large comfortable command centre while others want improved 4x4 capability but only need a small tactical operation console. For the more demanding customer who requires extreme 4x4 capability, comprehensive surveillance payload and a complete command and control centre, Desert Wolf has the solution.

Scorpion surveillance canopy on standard 4x4 double cab

The Desert Wolf surveillance canopy has been developed so that it can be fitted to most 4x4 double cab vehicles. The Command and Control operator console boasts two 22” LED screens with single worktop and two seated operators.

Further features of the surveillance canopy can include:

  • FLIR Thermal sensor
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Compass and GPS
  • Auto Target Tracking
  • Color Day Sensor
  • Radar System
  • Acoustic sensor
  • Tactical UAV
  • Radio and Video Communication Link to HQ
  • Satellite  Communication Link to HQ
  • Operation Window 48 hours
  • Personnel Space for four people
  • Drinking water: 100 liters
  • Tenting: Two 3x3 Dome tents
  • Auxillary Power through 2 KVA Petrol generator
  • Max Sensor extended height 5 metres
  • Max Mast Payload 45kg