Arachnida Trailer System

The Arachnida is the ideal system for large surveillance operations. It has a large volume available for system components and easy access through its large side and rear doors, which make this system both easy to operate and to maintain. The Arachnida can also accommodate a satellite dish system of up to 1800 mm which can be mounted on top of the main component bin. It also comes with inner and outer tubing stiffeners which are ideal protection against strong wind forces which are sometimes generated when satellite dishes are deployed.

The Arachnida accommodates all electronic equipment in vibration-dampened 19" rack mount-type systems and provides cooling air from either an air conditioner or forced air flow from DC fans, depending on the requirement. The Arachnida also has the front nose cone storage area which is ideal for all the auxiliary equipment and cabling that usually goes with such a system.

The Arachnida comes standard with an extra long single load electronics bin with four side doors and one rear door, 80 litre diesel tank with four stabiliser adjustable feet, spiked sand plates and a rear swing-out spare wheel carrier.

Additional Info

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