Fox - The smallest side-loader

The Desert Wolf Fox is a smaller side-loading trailer with the same unbeatable off-road abilities as its larger family members. The basic trailer consists of a heavy duty off-road chassis, with a large load bin. The load bin has only two doors that open to the sides to enable easy access to the load bin, as well as a large rear-opening door.

The load bin and all accessories are manufactured from grade 304 (non-magnetic) stainless steel. The 1.2m load bin can be used as a single large container for basic applications, but is often separated into different bins with dividers. This provides neat packing and utility spaces.

The Fox is sold as a basic trailer and the client then chooses from the list of accessories to meet his own personal requirements. It is also possible to start with the most basic accessories and add on as needed. 

The basic Fox trailer includes the following: 

Chassis and suspension:

  • 3CR12 stainless steel chassis with black marine epoxy coating
  • auto-reverse brake system
  • leaf springs and adjustable safari shock absorbers
  • Firestone Air Assist air suspension 
  • axle stabilisers
  • 1000kg load capacity
  • heavy-duty tow coupler with safety chain
  • license holder
  • brackets for accessories
  • load containers
  • one main load container (two side doors - one rear door)
  • all containers with adjustable stainless steel latches and dust proof seals
  • stabiliser feet to stabilise the trailer when not hooked to a vehicle is standard
  • rear-mounted spare wheel carrier.

The suspension and chassis are strong and durable and will take you anywhere. The axle width and wheels are matched to that of the tow vehicle to ensure that the trailer will follow the vehicle wherever it goes. Any feature the client may need can then be added to this strong base. All load containers and accessories are manufactured from grade 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and left unpainted.