Desert Wolf Stainless Steel Canopies are ideal for all quality-conscious off-road enthusiasts and are designed to fit most LWB and double cab LDV's. These canopies have been manufactured exclusively for car rental companies such as Avis for more than 10 years and Desert Wolf is now proud to introduce them to you!

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There are several other accessories available for use with a Desert Wolf off-road trailer:

There are two tent options available:

  • Desert Wolf Main Roof top tent (5 man)  Rip Stop Nylon with octagon fly sheet
  • Desert Wolf Main Roof top tent (6 man)  Rip Stop Nylon with octagon fly sheet Fold out tent base - enlarge bed size to 2100 x 2100 mm

The rear part of the trailer can often be separated from the main load bin to provide a pantry. The pantry consists of stainless steel shelves, with optional four-way lockable plastic containers to ensure optimal use of space. An aluminium kettle is included with the pantry.

The Desert Wolf camping trailer chassis can accommodate up to two large grade 304 (non-magnetic) stainless steel tanks, depending on the chassis. Note that when only one tank is installed, it is preferable to install the rear tank to assist with weight distribution.

The storage box for a table and tent poles fits on top of the main bin, underneath the tent. A higher storage box for the additional storage of a solar panel is also available.

If you want to install an electrical system in your Desert Wold off-road trailer (to power lights and a fridge) you have the following options:

Desert Wolf recommends National Luna stainless steel fridges. These top-quality fridges complement the quality of their trailers and withstand the conditions associated with travelling in a trailer very well. Three options are available and depend on your trailer of choice:

Top-Loading nose cone storage box, with optional insulation for use as a cooler box. This option is often used with the in-between box to render more storage; or nose cone fridge storage box with two side doors. This nose cone can be fitted with an optional nose cone roof rack, very handy for carrying wood, charcoal and other bulky items.

The Desert Wolf Fox is a smaller side-loading trailer with the same unbeatable off-road abilities as its larger family members. The basic trailer consists of a heavy duty off-road chassis, with a large load bin. The load bin has only two doors that open to the sides to enable easy access to the load bin, as well as a large rear-opening door.

The load bin and all accessories are manufactured from grade 304 (non-magnetic) stainless steel. The 1.2m load bin can be used as a single large container for basic applications, but is often separated into different bins with dividers. This provides neat packing and utility spaces.

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