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Desert Wolf has been appointed as representative of Decon7 in Southern Africa.


D7 ‘Mil Spec’ DF-200

The D7 ‘Mil Spec’ DF-200 proven chemistry neutralizes all currently known chemical and biological warfare agents, rendering them harmless. D7 ‘Mil Spec’ DF-200 is packaged for use with current military equipment and is used by Military and First Responders for CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear) mitigation in military theaters throughout the world.

Application methods

BDAS+ is a ruggedise, ready to use, hand held dispensing system

D7 Sky Disperse is a multirotor drone for aerial application of the D7 ‘Mil Spec’ DF-200 chemistry.

D7 Mobile Foamer is a trailer-based rapid deployment foamer dispersing the D7 ‘Mil Spec’ DF-200 chemistry.

D7 can also be procured in bulk for large scale decontamination applications.

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