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Desert Wolf has been appointed as representative of Decon7 in Southern Africa.





The unique synergistic effect of D7’s components makes the multi-part mixture more effective than any of its components alone. Its strong foaming action increases dwell time providing D7 with a significant improvement in environmental results over standard commercial disinfectants. Currently, our solutions are being successfully used in red meat, poultry, RTE, dairy, fruits & vegetables, seafood, and live production. And we’re successfully improving food safety initiatives from farm to fork in almost every food & beverage market segment. Give us your toughest challenge!











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The D7 formula was originally developed for the military as a technologically advanced cleaner/disinfectant. One of the best attributes of the D7 product is its foam contact time on vertical and overhead surfaces. Applied in most food and beverage processing environments, our customers reference D7 as the most cost-effective product of its kind as it relates to long-term solutions to micro prevention and remediation. Tie that into our customer-focused food safety consulting, we ensure that you get the right solution in place the first time. Scroll down to learn more about D7 food processing applications.

  • Live Production Applications
    Layer and Egg live Production
    Broiler and Layer Barn Cleaning/Disinfection
    Truck wash/disinfection
  • Food Processing Applications
    Daytime and Nighttime Sanitation
    Slaughter, Evisceration, and Further Processing
    RTE Areas
    Refrigeration Units
    Foot Baths
    Entryway foaming
    Harborage areas; cracks, holes, etc.

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