UAS Catapult Launcher

Desert Wolf has two catapult launcher models available.

These launchers are modular in design and can be assembled in less than six minutes by a single operator. These robust, yet powerful units make the launching of the UAS system a breeze. The short-range launcher is capable of deploying UAS's of up to 10 Kg with a 3600 mm catapult beam system. The medium-range launcher is capable of deploying UAS's of up to 25 Kg with a 5400 mm catapult beam system.

With the unique bungee system and design, the perfect energy and acceleration can easilly be achieved by selecting matching rated bungees. Three different rated bungees can be combined to give the perfect launch envelope required.

The launcher systems pack up into neatly designed canvas bags and are also man portable, weighing less than 12 kg.

The unique Desert Wolf adaptable cradle design allows for a quick change so that many different air frames can be launched one after the other with the same launcher system.