Mozzy Wildlife Darting Copter

Mozzi-dart Mozzi-dart

The Mozzy Wildlife Darting Copter is based on the Desert Wolf Skunk Riot Control Copter and has been developed to reduce animal stress and fatigue whilst also dramatically reducing the costs associated with traditional helicopter based wildlife capture.




Equipped with a different payload, the Mozzy game darting copter enables veterinarians to follow and dart game with ease.

The Mozzi is equipped with a HD Day camera acting as "Scope with cross hair" for accurate aiming. The Laser Range finder assists with adjusting the weapon for ideal power setting, ensuring a propper hit with just enough speed of the dart. It also comes with the FLIR Quark Thermal camera for night applications.

A real innovative system for the Large Game Veterinarians.

Once darted the Mozzy is able to follow the target at a safe distance until it collapses. Arrow recovery is
made simple with a recorded live video link.