Geroh Transport systems

For years, Geroh has developed and manufactured a comprehensive variety of light and middle transport systems for different military deployment uses.

To fulfil transport load and other requirements, different "off the shelf" solutions are available. If needed, these can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements and offer you a customized solution. Geroh transport systems are renowned, in particular, for their ability to be used in diverse applications, consistent robustness, maximum all-terrain mobility and lightweight characteristics while simultaneously being able to carry high payloads.

Desert Wolf's off-road trailers are usually used when other transport systems reach their limits due to the difficulty of the terrain. Customised to fit the properties of the towing vehicle - with regard to track width, total height, tyre equipment, coupling height, brake system, etc. - Geroh transport systems deliver the best possible combination of maximum payload and mobility, thus ensuring that the driving properties of the tractive unit are only minimally influenced.

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