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Ranger® R Series Radars

Understanding the nature of a threat is critical to intercepting and defeating it. Knowing where the threat is coming from, its current location and where it is going is a key requirement in any effective security system. Ranger ground surveillance radars (detection), paired with slew-to-cue Ranger EO/IR sensors (assessment), enable security personnel to monitor and control the security zone by intercepting threats before they can complete their mission.

Perimeter Surveillance Radar: Ranger Radars:

Models available: R1, R2, R3, R3D, R4, R5, R5D, R20SS

FMCW Radars

FMCW radar technology provides the highest fidelity for target detection, tracking and assessment. FLIR’s line of FMCW radars provides automated perimeter security for encampments, bases and facilities and other high-value permanent and temporary sites. These radars have all-weather, all-light level capabilities and can detect either moving or stationary targets, providing slew-to-cue functionality for the Ranger high resolution imaging systems.

Dual Mode Radars

FLIR’s line of dual mode, high-resolution radars accurately detect and track vehicles, people and crawlers in virtually any climate, weather, or lighting condition to provide slew-to-cue functionality with the entire line of Ranger imaging systems. These radars possess a dual mode configuration to leverage the advantages of both advanced FMCW and traditional Doppler radar technologies in a single, compact package.

Solid-state Radars

The Ranger family of long-range solid-state, electronic scanning radars from FLIR provide next generation “track while scan” capabilities in a rugged, mil-spec design. These ground surveillance radars have an exceptionally fast, 2Hz refresh rate with class-leading target detection and acquisition performance. As solid-state radars, these systems have a highly reliable system performance and 24/7 persistent surveillance, both within and beyond the fence.

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