Pangolin C3  Ground Control Station (CCC - Covert Command and Control)

Desert Wolf has developed a state-of-the-art, easy-to-operate, ground control system that allows the user to have full control of the system during any mission.

The Wasp aerial system is designed for static surveillance and aerial photography applications. Being a VTOL system, take off and landing can be achieved in very small areas. It is also ideal for observing disaster management areas and search and rescue in areas of dense foliage.




Designed for high-speed applications, this all-composite air frame manufactured using carbon fibre and glass fibre is ideal for high-speed "track and follow" applications. With a flight time of 30 to 40 minutes at 160 km/h, it allows for at least an 80 km roundtrip.



The Bateleur UAS family

The Bateleur provides unrivalled capability at an unrivalled price. Used as part of the "perching UAS capability" or as a stand-alone system, the Bateleur is the choice of distinction. The Bateleur is an easy to operate, high-performance UAS system which provides advanced situational awareness for its customers.

Will Burt’s all-composite rigid wall shelter and container solutions deliver significantly lower life-cycle costs and increased performance advantages over shelters and containers constructed of metal and a combination of composite/metal materials. Will Burt’s shelters are engineered to the demanding requirements and specifications of the military and oil and gas industries. 

Will Burt offers trailer integration solutions for a variety of platforms from military to commercial.  A wide range of telescopic masts, payloads and sensor systems can be integrated and optimised to provide the most efficient and seamless solution to your specialised needs. 

For years, Geroh has developed and manufactured a comprehensive variety of light and middle transport systems for different military deployment uses.

To fulfil transport load and other requirements, different "off the shelf" solutions are available. If needed, these can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements and offer you a customized solution. Geroh transport systems are renowned, in particular, for their ability to be used in diverse applications, consistent robustness, maximum all-terrain mobility and lightweight characteristics while simultaneously being able to carry high payloads.

The Will Burt company offers a comprehensive portfolio of mast integration solutions for every mast sold. Will Burt engineers have the experience, knowledge and tools to successfully customise a mast integration solution for any vehicle, trailer or shelter. Supported by metal and composites fabrication, welding, laser cutting, metal bending and a state-of-the-art paint line, a mast integration solution can go from design to manufacture to installation in a very short amount of time.
  • Engineers specially trained to optimise customisation of mast and vehicle integration solutions
  • Complete manufacturing support
  • Metal and composites fabrication, paint and powder coating and installation
  • Single supplier from design through production to installation
The family of heavy-duty Geroh telescopic crank masts is specially qualified for mobile use and high payloads. High payloads coupled with heights up to 20 m make this model range unique.

Will Burt lighting solutions enable you to illuminate an emergency scene, recovery operation or job site to improve night time operation productivity and to ensure safety. Desert Wolf offers multiple light tower mounting options, internally or on the side or roof of a vehicle and can deliver up to 210,000 lumens of light per light tower.