Desert Wolf's dome tents are manufactured from the same hi-grade nylon as all the other Desert Wolf canvas products. They are also supplied with a flysheet that keeps the tent cool and provides shade in front of the tent. The tent is 3x3m and can comfortably sleep four people. The dome tents are very easy to put up as they are much lighter than other designs.

The Desert Wolf six-man tent is their most spacious tent. The six-man tent has three compartments and can accommodate two people on a double bed on top of the trailer, two in the room next to the trailer and two in the room furthest away from the trailer.

The Desert Wolf five-man tent is the smaller of the two trailer tents. Designed to create an feeling of space and lightness, while being 100% waterproof and cool, this amazing tent has large windows and an integrated octagonal flysheet.

Desert Wolf's tents and flysheets are manufactured from their own own rip-stop nylon.

The material is super-strong, lightweight yet non-transparent, and extremely waterproof (2m water head). Desert Wolf tents have many advantages over the polyester-cotton canvas most often used by other tent manufacturers, as their material can be folded while still damp and their tents are up to 50 per cent lighter than similarly sized tents and are also much stronger and much cooler in summer and hotter in winter.

The Fire Stryker flame suppressant is a manual, portable aerosol inhibitor with remarkable extinguishing capabilities. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe. The device is a small, compact, lightweight cylinder: the upper part of the device is a metal tube containing the extinguishing charge. The lower part of the device is composed of plastic and serves as a support handle.

The Fire Stryker flame suppressant is an automatic, fixed aerosol inhibitor with remarkable extinguishing capabilities. The Fire Stryker Electrical Solution enables early stage fire detection and suppression. The Fire Stryker Controller activates the Fire Stryker suppression system when triggered by an input detection device (fire wire, infrared temperature sensors, flame detectors and many more).

Mobile water purificantion plants are key components in rescue and relief applications where water infrastructure may have been damaged or are unavailable. Desert Wolf's range of mobile water purifocation trailers provide a all-in-one solution to your mobile water purifiction needs.

Water Tankers - Safe off-road transportation of Water
Desert Wolf has a range of unique water tankers with full off road capability. These designs have been deployed by many operator in extreme conditions and through their feed back Desert Wolf has improved and optimised the design to meet and exceed all expectations.

A range of medical support and emergency rescue units have been produced for the South African National Defence Force, the British Defence Force, airports company ACSA and United Nations organisations.

Desert Wolf has a range of unique fuel tankers with full off-road capabilities. These designs have been deployed by many operators in extreme conditions and through their feedback Desert Wolf has improved and optimised the design to meet and exceed all expectations. These tankers are available in different sizes, namely 500 litres, 1000 litres, 1500 litres, 2000 litres, 2500 litres and 3000 litres. Many different outlet configurations are available to suit your needs. The design is unique as a Desert Wolf trailer has the lowest centre of gravity available world-wide. Trailers can be painted in the colour scheme of your choice.