Desert Wolf is a world leader in innovation and technology. With more than two decades' experience, Desert Wolf strives to produce only the best mobile solutions. It manufactures and supplies a wide range of trailers and commercial mobile surveillance solutions. The trailers include: luxury camping and off-road trailers; search-and-rescue trailers; support trailers; as well as disaster recovery trailers and advanced technological laboratories. 

Desert Wolf represent a number of international brands in South Africa, including FLIR GS, Teksam and Pelican.

Desert Wolf's products are used by individuals and organisations around the world including the Anglo American, the UN, British Peacekeeping Force, South African Police Services, SASOL Petrochemical as well as many mining houses. Its mobile surveillance solutions are fitted with masts and sensors, depending on the client's specific requirements. Additional items can be fitted on the models including spotlights, satellite communication systems, radio antennae and radio communication systems.

Desert Wolf’s focus is the delivery of solutions that are tailor-made to the client’s requirements. A key component in this process is Desert Wolf’s Consulting and Design Services. Many projects start with a client’s excellent idea, but an idea needs work and analysis before it can be implemented. The company takes clients through a requirement analysis process to help them understand their exact needs. These needs get analysed and from there the design requirements drawn up which are used as input into the design process. Desert Wolf Consulting will conduct as many requirement review sessions as required to ensure that the project requirements are clear. Once the requirements have been finalised, the design process kicks off. 

Advanced 3D modelling and simulation software is used to do concept designs of the possible solutions. The use of these tools, combined with Desert Wolf's extensive knowledge of manufacturing and commercial solutions available in the market, enable the company to propose the optimal solution design to the client. However, very few solutions consist of hardware only. Because they consider all design requirements right from the start, Desert Wolf is able to ensure that the design incorporates and integrates any and all mechanical, electrical, software, data cabling, hydraulic and other requirements that may exist.  

All designs are manufactured to the highest standards. Each unit is manufactured from stainless steel to ensure strength, sustainability and reliability and these units are custom designed to meet the client's specific requirements. Physical integration of the complete system is simplified because all brackets and conduit are designed as part of the system from the start thus everything has its specific place. When software development or control systems are required, these are supplied according to requirements. If necessary, Desert Wolf will engage with experts if they do not have the knowledge themselves. 

Desert Wolf does not only ensure the manufacturability and integration of its products, but also ensures that each unit can be maintained and supported during its lifecycle and that it meets high safety specifications whilst still being cost-effective. As part of Desert Wolf's solutions, the company provides detailed user and maintenance manuals as well as training.